South Burlington library moving to University Mall

Published: Sep. 24, 2017 at 7:13 PM EDT
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South Burlington’s library is moving to the University Mall.

That’s until city officials and voters OK the long-term plan to move it to Market Street.

"This area here will be quite a number of bookshelves for the collections, and then you'll see kids books over here,” said Kevin Dorn, the South Burlington City Manager, “There will be a room here for the public and for the library staff and for other types of programming.”

The library has been at South Burlington High School for decades, but Dorn says the city has outgrown the space. Officials have leased the 7,800 square foot spot for the next three years.

“There's some traffic here,” said Richard Landsman, a South Burlington resident, “It's accessible to people."

"I like it here," said Fannie Miller, a mall-goer.

Library workers are currently sifting through which furniture and books will come to the new space, and what will stay at the school. The city is investing in furniture and computers at this transitional location for the library's next move, which Dorn hopes will be on Market Street.

"This .75 acres will be the future home of our library, city hall, public meeting rooms…if the voters approve,” said Dorn.

The city council would need to give the green light for that development in December, and then voters would have to approve funding in March. Some taxpayers are already on board with the plan.

"That's more property that's not being utilized. Instead of letting it go to waste, put it to good use,” said Roger Hewson, a South Burlington resident.

“I like the idea,” said Landsman.

As for the library, the city is still figuring out the cost of the move to the mall. Dorn believes that long term, this plan will save taxpayers money. The lease is more than $17,000 less a year, but South Burlington will need to pick up more services.

The goal is to be open November 15th.