Balint calls decision to send lawmakers home ‘dangerous’

Published: May. 25, 2023 at 5:17 PM EDT
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WASHINGTON (WCAX) - Vermont Congresswoman Becca Balint Thursday called House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s decision to send lawmakers home for the Memorial Day Weekend “dangerous.”

It comes as lawmakers are running out of time to reach a deal to raise the debt ceiling. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellin has warned the government could fail to make its payments as early as June 1.

Balint says she and other Democrats are proposing a procedural move -- a discharge petition -- to force a vote on legislation to raise the debt ceiling to prevent a default. “Five so-called moderate Republicans could come with us on the discharge petition -- we would have this ended today -- and I can’t believe that we’re leaving town without any kind of agreement on this. It’s incredibly dangerous,” she said

Balint, who serves on the Budget Committee, adds she’s worried the U.S. could still default if a deal is reached too late between the president and GOP leaders. She says both the House and Senate need time to review the deal before they pass it.

All lawmakers have been put on notice that if a deal is reached, they’ll only have hours to return to Washington to vote on it.